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3D printing service

  • 3D print

    Advertising, Architecture, Prototypes, Scenography, Sculptures

  • 3D design

    Design for 3D printing

  • 3D printing technology

    FDM (plastic), LCD UV (resin) stereolithography

3 D print

3D print

Custom 3D Print service will transform your ideas into reality. That’s why in our studio, you can order both a 3D design and the printing based on your project. As a result, we offer prints in two technologies, Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) and UV LCD. Consequently, we specialize in scenographic, advertising, and modeling projects.

What is 3D printing in Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology - plastic printing, large format, applications: scenography, advertising.

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) technology, often referred to as “3D printing with plastic”, utilizes thermoplastics in the manufacturing process. In essence, thermoplastics, or synthetic materials, are heated to high temperatures to be layered, forming a 3D object. Specifically, the printing nozzle is heated to the temperature necessary to melt the given filament. This is typically in the range of 190°C – 260°C for most desktop 3D printers. In this technology, 3D models are created by depositing successive layers of semi-liquid material, which is extruded from a heated nozzle. Consequently, 3D prints made using FDM technology are used for:

  • Architectural models, e.g., housing estates or building mock-ups.
  • Product prototypes, e.g., toys.
  • Scenic elements, e.g., shop window displays or theater sets (larger than 1m/3ft in size).
  • Architectural details, e.g., architectural decorations for buildings.
  • Large-format advertising elements (larger than 1m/3ft in size).
  • Sculptures (taller than 1m/3ft).
What is 3D printing using UV LCD technology - resin-based printing (stereolithography), small print format, applications: miniatures.

UV LCD technology involves 3D printing with liquid UV-curable resin. In other words, UV LCD 3D printing technology utilizes resin that, when exposed to UV light, creates 3D objects. As a result, 3D models printed with this technology are created by applying successive layers of liquid resin, which is cured using UV light. This process produces precise, small-sized 3D models. Therefore, 3D prints produced using UV LCD technology are used for:

  • 3D printing figurines for modeling, e.g., RPG figurines.
  • Precise small-sized components (about 20cm/8in).
  • Prosthetic components.
3D service

3D design
for 3D printing.

We execute 3D projects for 3D printing needs. Furthermore, we create custom 3D projects such as product prototypes, architecture, architectural models, theatrical scenography, shop window elements, advertising objects, or other custom orders.

3D print

Online 3D printing.

Unlock the potential offered by 3D prints with our support. Especially if you require eye-catching advertising elements, sculptures, or artistic installations, we are ready to provide you with creative 3D designs. Consequently, we craft detailed 3D models that will help you visualize the final outcome. We specialize in creating advertising and scenographic elements.

3D printing online

3D printing service,

3D printing service and 3D design for printing. Order 3D printing online and choose professional custom 3D printing.

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