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Illustrated coloring book for children.

“In a fairy-tale glade, near an enchanted forest, there lived a little bunny named Bun Bunny, who really wanted to learn all the colors, because he loved to look at beautiful and colorful flowers, fruits and toys.”

So begins the story of Bun Bunny, who together with children discovers the mysteries of the world around him. In the first book, together with BunBunny we learn to name the most important colors. Through the story, children not only learn colors but can also color the coloring pages that the book contains.

The book includes short poems that tell the story of colors. This allows children to follow the characters in the book and learn the names of the colors while enjoying the beautiful illustrations.

In addition, the book includes coloring pages that allow children to practice their painting skills and improve their manual skills.


Kids remember better through stories.

“Bun Bunny learning colors” is a great option for parents who want to teach their children color recognition in a creative and fun way.

Learn the colorful story of Bun Bunny.

1 One sunny day Bun Bunny was playing with his little brother in front of his house. Suddenly the sky darkened, and the sunshine was covered by clouds, from which it began to rain. Bun Bunny with his little brother hid in the house.

2-3 Bunny looked out the window and saw his mommy walking towards the house. Bunny’s mommy was protecting herself from the rain under a beautiful colorful umbrella. BunBunny was very happy that mommy had returned and with her the sunshine came out from behind the clouds.

4. BunBunny noticed colorful stripes in the sky and asked his mother what they were. “This is a rainbow,” said mom. A rainbow is formed right after it rains. The moment it stops raining and the sun starts shining.”

Historia BunBunny

The rhymes will engage the child more in learning.

Bun Bunny together with his mother and little brother went for a walk. Bun Bunny began to pay attention to the beautiful colors around him. Mom helped him name and remember the colors they met on their way by telling rhymes.

“Sweet and juicy strawberry, you’re divine,
On the sweetness scale, you nearly outshine.
Basking in the sun on a bed of green,
In my cup, you’ll be a treasure unseen.

Oh, healthy strawberry, so strong and pure,
Your flavor and texture, I can’t help but adore.
Thank you for ripening so perfectly,
Your taste and fragrance are pure poetry.”

While walking together with their mother, the children learned the names of more colors of the rainbow.

Coloring pages

Drawing and coloring will consolidate the acquired knowledge.

Coloring books will help your child remember colors. Drawing with crayons will help to name each color and consolidate the knowledge of colors. In addition, each coloring book can be downloaded by a parent in pdf format and printed independently at home. Thus, playing with the child can be done many times.


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