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Do you want your products to stand out on store shelves? Do you need a professional and eye-catching packaging that will grab customers’ attention? Check out the packaging designed for a European meat exporter that made its way to the markets of Central African countries.

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Box design for a meat exporter to Central African countries.

Let’s start with the fact that in our work, we follow the principle: “Good packaging is not just a container but a part of your brand’s story.” That’s why, when designing packaging, we strive to incorporate the product’s vision and convey it to consumers. As a result, our packaging not only protects products but also builds positive associations and leaves a lasting impression.

Packing designers

Packaging design that tells a story.

The designed box is a collective packaging for meat products sold in central African countries. Due to the exotic nature of the market, the first stage of our work involved familiarizing ourselves with the values and factors influencing purchasing decisions. Consequently, the design was consulted with individuals employed at the distribution site – in Africa. As a result, we created packaging that draws on local culture and traditions, the local landscape, and family values. In doing so, we crafted distinctive visuals that stand out on the shelves among other similar packaging.

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Packaging concept

4 box design for 4 types of meat.

The collective packaging is intended for four types of meat: chicken, hen, pork, and turkey. That’s why we’ve applied different packaging colors for different types of meat. Similarly, the landscape colors on the front graphic and icons, as well as the text colors, change accordingly. This includes animal graphics set against the backdrop of an African savanna landscape. This way, the customer can easily find the right products on the wholesale shelves.

We create packaging that distinguishes your products from the competition, resulting in designs that combine functionality with aesthetics. Additionally, we ensure that your packaging is both practical and visually appealing. Packaging design is just one part of our DTP design expertise. Therefore, check out our other projects, including print design. We design top-quality materials for retail networks and manufacturers. Contact us if you’re looking for a packaging design partner who understands your vision and can help you succeed in the market.

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