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Forest Rush board game

FOREST RUSH is the first board game concept of our graphic design studio. The game was entirely designed by us. Starting with the concept, drawing concept art, illustrations and modeling the figures in 3D. Ending with printing and painting the figures.

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FOREST RUSH ... beware of what lurks in the forest

Fast-paced gameplay full of surprising twists and turns. Four magical players in a forest full of surprises and a fifth player who causes a lot of confusion by changing the rules of the game. A real heat, a real forest rush.


Fantasy adventure game

FOREST RUSH is a concept of fantasy board game in which players compete with each other by collecting treasures, completing missions and fighting against each other. The magical forest is full of secret places, and its dynamic gameplay makes every encounter unique.


Unique game board

The game board consists of square tiles of equal dimensions. These tiles have matching edges, making them easy to connect and create different board configurations. This allows you to create different layouts of the board, which increases its diversity.

Game heroes

Miniatures designed and made by us

Players take on the role of 5 heroes: Centaur, Sorceress, Dwarf and Warrior. An additional character appearing in the game is a Troll, but you will learn more about this character during the game’s release.

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We are a team of creative graphic designers with various specializations. We create unique projects. If you would like to cooperate with us, write to us or make an appointment at the studio.

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